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May 29 14 12:34 PM

Neat enough that it finally convinced me to go through with the upgrade...

That, and I was lucky with a car repair coming up slightly short on costs. Another week and I'dve been paid and had no compunction about it. But it was the same with the Kickstarter too. Came right in the middle of a month with big bills in it.


--m(^0^)m-- Wot, no sig?

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May 30 14 7:37 AM

Premium Backer who unfortunately missed the Kickstarter. so I can't post directly to that forum

premium box:
I'm actually really liking the direction the box is going for the premium edition and the addition of the japanese logo as focal point and a softer english logo below hits the sweet spot for me. the only reservation I have is that I'm not sure i'm 100% sold on the image being used for the back of the box

premium amaray sleeves:
could  we get a mock up of what the foil stamp would look like on these?
I like the look of the hollow logo appearing on top of the main graphic, but would like to see what that style would look like with the foil stamp. are we talking about filling in the hollow part with foil or just the outline in foil?
- I like case 3 with an enemy shown, but it doesn't really flow with the other images of the KS alone

Back covers:
I'm definitely a fan of using the backers names to create the image of the KS, don't really care for the names being worked around an image.
I'm torn between the idea of the suits being created in color or the headshot being created by the names. if I had to choose now I'm leaning towards the headshots, but one doesn't just grab me over the other.

I'll hold any judgment of the standard edition as I'm a premium backer, so that's what I really focused on in the update

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Jun 2 14 7:42 AM

I like the front cover of the premium box, and love the spine, but am also unsure of the back motoslave design.

I feel that the strongest designs of the premium sleeves are the ones of Nene, Linna solo, and then the first one of Priss.  I wish that maybe Nene's could be transferred to the final volume, so that I could utilize all three designs.  Nene's best episode is the final one anyway, so it'd make sense to relocate her to that cover.  Not really fond of the Sylia one as it's an awkward pose, and I agree that Linna vs. the boomer is a little out of place in regards to the other designs.

In terms of the coin, I feel that Priss' image is absolutely terrible.  It's hard to tell that she's even female in that design, and the odd nature of the helmet as part of the image creates a visual illusion where it looks like she has large dark manly eyebrows.  It's an incredibly unappealing image, and I wish an alternate design could be made to work.  Especially now that you're increasing the size of the coins for premium backers (or for everyone?  I forget).

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Jun 2 14 9:11 PM

I took a look at the proposed premium boxed design and I pretty much love most of it.

The only nitpicks that I have are:
1. Like a lot of folks I prefer the katakana Bubblegum logo be deep red as opposed to pink.
2. I've just about owned every Bubblegum release ever put out (by AnimEigo (VHS, DVD) and the Youmex BGC Complete Collection (Laserdisc) and while I like the group pic, I wouldn't mind changing it up a bit as it's been the cover focus of every US release. Most folks here already know what  BGC is all about - so why not do what the Japanese did for the Laserdisc release and focus on Priss? 

I really love this image that was on the Moonlight Rambler laserdisc, would it be possible to get it from Youmex?: 

photo BGC8.jpg

Below is the artwork for the LD Box which I believe Kenichi Sonoda did one-off artwork for, since Priss on the cover seems to be drawn more in the vein of Exaxxion.

I also liked the original concept of having the backer names comprise the heads of the sabers in light and shadow. Much more unique than slapping names over a common image of a hardsuit Priss leaping through the air.

Robert - what are the prospects of combining AD Police and Crash into a remastered boxed set in the future? Both series could stand a remastering job - Crash is very dark and colors are dull.

My two cents anyway! :-)

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Jun 7 14 10:31 AM

I think the new sleeves and the box look great, I know I was in the minority in liking the bubblegum pink logo but the premium box looks great with the red logo and the red logo really ties in the red on the back of the box.
the backers names look very good and I'm excited to see them in person and think it's a great touch for us premium backers.

as far as the disc art goes, I feel they look a little bland in terms of color. the rest of the packaging is so colorful that the disc art is very subdued in comparison. I might like to see more shots of the KS in or out of the suits. or if there is other more strikingly colorful art avilable I'd be open to that as well.

Last Edited By: vandeet Jun 7 14 11:51 AM. Edited 1 time.

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