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May 30 14 7:21 AM

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Having just read  the latest update I have to say I'm a bit torn between two designs (of the three shown)

First, let's say that I DON'T like the design of the hardsuit totally overlaid with names.
it makes the image look choppy. yuck.

The image having the backing of Priss face overlaid with the names doesn't actually look too bad.

it's a close (very close) second to the one I like the most which has a picture of Linna
with the names going around the image.

If we could have that one with our favorite knight saber (in my case Priss) that would be awesome.

so in order of preference (so far):

1. As shown with image of Linna - names go around the full color of the character
2. As shown with the backing of Priss face overlaid with the names
and distant last place: the hardsuit image totally overlaid with names that looks choppy (yuck)
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May 30 14 8:49 AM

I gotta say I'm not wild about the names going around Linna, to my eye it doesn't look that great and it's certainly lacking in creativity

1 - my first choice would be the headshot overlaid with all the names (robert and the guys could mess with the colors and tweak it to make it more colorful and less monochrome)
2 - I'd actually take the suit overlayed with names as a 2nd choice though I much prefer the headshot to this idea.
3 - for the reasons stated above I'm not blown over by the names going around the character. just seems a little bland an unimaginative to me.

obviously we each have our own opinions and I'm open to being swayed, but that's where I'm at currently

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