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Oct 30 13 7:33 AM

Sure it can be automated, as can most video cleanup and enhancement techniques. The problem is that the automation is bad. Universality very bad. Mainly because the signal and noise you are attempting to distinguish are both entirely perceptual in nature, so there is no handy algorithm that can identify e.g. a scratch from a fine motion-line, and even self-learning-neutral-network classifiers are only ever as good as the training data they are feed with (which turns out to be REALLY source-specific). Automated repair will only make a hash of things.

:: EDIT:: I know this all seems petty, but this is something I feel very passionate about. Not once, not ONCE has a release announcement accompanied with a mention that DNR or automated repair has been applied has failed to look noticeably worse than existing unfiltered BD releases, and more often than not is a smeary mess with noticeably less detail than an unfiltered DVD release. Both of these are inexcusable. While my recourse for these is to 'vote with my wallet' and either not buy the release or return it, the is not an option with a kickstarted release, and this is the source of my scepticism and vehemence.

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Nov 2 13 2:57 PM

Some here have written about the Japanese version pq. How do you know what it looks like, are there some 1080p image captures online? I have I hard time finding 1080p images of japan BD releases.

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Nov 2 13 4:38 PM

There are some screenshots, but I saw them so long ago I couldn't help you with a link.

There's also a fansubbed 720p rip.

Here are some captures of that rip (if Google+ allows hotlinking):



There's also this YouTube upload which was sourced from the Blu-ray:

Kinda gives a decent enough idea of what the Japanese Blu-rays look like, though of course aren't representative like screencaptures right off the disc would look.

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#45 [url]

Nov 3 13 6:22 AM

The 1080p music video that you can download from Vimeo (link on the kickstarter page) was sourced from the Japanese BDs, transcoded to ProRes422HQ and compressed via H.264 at 10mbps. So it will be close to, but not quite as good as, what we should end up with.

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Nov 3 13 8:47 AM

The last thing I am going to take as what a master looks like pq wise is internet crushed video, they rarely get the framing and color looking like the BD version never mind anything else.

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Nov 3 13 10:14 PM

uther9The last thing I am going to take as what a master looks like pq wise is internet crushed video, they rarely get the framing and color looking like the BD version never mind anything else.

Sure, but it's still the closest we can get to approximating how the series will look in HD. You could suggest a better alternative, though.

-Paul Acevedo
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Nov 9 13 2:25 PM


I have not read through everything on this thread, but as a high end home theater guy myself, I would like to chime in my support to the original poster about having the cleanest possible 480i available on a blu-ray.

And to clarify, this would be for things that aren't getting some kind of frame-by-frame digital makeover like the music videos. If you are doing full restoration, then I would say do it in the full 1080p with the best technology you have. If you are not, then I would offer both 480i and upscale versions - after all, this is a bluray we are not talking a huge amount of space here.

Having the 480i on there allows proud owners of things like this: to be able to make a show look the best it can be on their expensive setup.


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Jan 2 14 12:14 PM

My only experience with AnimEigo Blu-ray was the, I'm sorry to say, abysmal release of Lone Wolf & Cub. I don't want to insult anyone's work, but I really hope lessons have been learned after the response to that release, which I can assure you did not just come from cinephile type reviewers. I am very concerned about the defense of that product from Mr. Woodhead, as it was a great example of DNR overuse. I'm all for removing the smallest bits of dirt and dust, but if the only way to do that is what was done with LW&C, just forget it. For me, the BGC set would become unwatchable.

Maybe that sounds like hyperbole, but it's 2014 and the battle between "warts and all but film like" and "clean as whistle but video like" battle was won years ago by the former. Any Blu-ray label that goes with the latter is choosing to live in the past. Here is a good example of an anime title that was grain filled on the Japan release but DNR'd for the UK release:

Completely unnecessary if you ask me. Whilst there has been little detail lost, the removal of a lot of the grain has resulted in a less film like and less accurate presentation. I hope that AnimEigo will not get seduced by the ability to have a cleaner image at the expense of a film like presentation. People who actually prefer noise reduction to be applied rarely get up in arms when a release is grain filled, whilst people who prefer grain can be unforgiving if it is removed.

What I would prefer to see is a 1:1 copy of the Japanese master, which is just about possible if your compressionist knows his stuff. Anything else is too risky.

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Jan 7 14 9:35 PM

Reading madoverlord's posts is helpful for assuaging these fears; he's said repeatedly he's not going to do anything the Japanese version didn't already do.

That said, oh man, I would love to see a blind test between various passes at clean-up/compression, even as just a fun exercise apropos of nothing, and I secretly hope that it a) happens and b) isn't an annoying timesink for madoverlord.

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