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Oct 19 13 12:02 AM

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Howdy folks!

I bought into the Macross DVDs released many moons ago. I have purchased two sets of the BGC DVDs (with the different packaging) am ready to spend money on this potential BCG BD-ROM release. I'm just glad I didn't spend money on the Japanese BD-ROMs of BGC without English dub or subtitles (and trying to remember what each character is saying).

I understand from the KS FAQ: "our ability to put out an English soundtrack album is limited"

Good/bad/indifferent: there are peeps (like myself) that like the English dub, specifically the English soundtrack. I loved the music, especially the ending credits songs. What would it take to have GENOM Records release whatever English soundtrack that is available? Is it just a matter of money? Or, a significant amount of time? Both? Other?
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Oct 19 13 4:34 AM

There are two problems:

1) Only those parts of the songs needed for the video were actually recorded.

2) We would require additional licenses in order to release it.

#2 we can handle if need be. #1 is, shall we say, a bit more of an issue -- though Jemila Erickson, the VA for Priss, is a host on the local NPR station.

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Oct 19 13 7:58 AM

But a new dub and a new soundtrack is still a possibility, right? Just don't let the guy who played Leon in the first dub near a sound booth ever again. :-D

-Paul Acevedo
 Games Editor, Mobile Nations

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Oct 20 13 6:14 AM

Just out of curiosity: how much budget would a new dub swallow up approximately?

75k wouldn't even be enough to begin with. Apparently, it costs about $10,000 to make a dub per episode. For anime like BC, that means one needs to come up with an extra $80,000 to redub it from scratch. If you want AD Police redubbed too, it's 200,000 (80k+120k). With the addition of Crash, it's 230,000.

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Oct 25 13 6:05 PM


eastx But a new dub and a new soundtrack is still a possibility, right? Just don't let the guy who played Leon in the first dub near a sound booth ever again. :-D
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     :End Quote

 I'll admit it's been years since I have watched the dubs and my tastes have changed to the point I don't like a lot of dubs these days... but I remember really liking everyone's voice, especially Leon's. I also admit that the Japanese was flawless and makes me forget the dub years later. Personally, these days I'd rather the anime studios put the money into something other than a dub. I really enjoy anime because it is from Japan and I especially like hearing the Japanese voices. Just my 2 cents. But I do especially like the fact that AnimEigo's stand point on this is "if that's what the fans want and they provide the budget we would do it" for making a new dub. You have to love a company that is all about the fans. :)

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Oct 30 13 3:27 PM

Wow, I am really excited about BGC making a comeback. I have been wishing for a English version of the soundtrack from the time I first saw the amazing series as a young teen; if there is enough money left in the budget to put towards this, I am sure many fans would love it! I would be definitely willing to put up money for this soundtrack :)

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Nov 29 13 6:42 PM

Count me as a fan of the English soundtrack. What do you think an extra consisting of a concert of the English vocalists (Joyce Leigh Bowden, Annabelle Clifton, etc.) would cost? Just have them sing all of the songs straight through (adding new lyrics for parts that were never translated).

Heck, I'd also like to see interviews with them and the English dub cast.

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Nov 30 13 4:59 AM

I must be honest and say it would be rather low on my list of things I'd like to do next. And I have no idea what doing the songs over again would cost -- music is most definitely not my area of expertise.

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Nov 30 13 4:21 PM

IMHO the music in Bubblegum Crisis was the best part of the series. It would be a shame if there wasn't an English soundtrack release. It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me but I backed this project thinking this would be the best way to get an English soundtrack. I'm not an expert on these things but I would think the majority of the budget would be spent on paying the singers to record the songs. I would gladly pledge more money if there is a separate KickStarter.

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Nov 30 13 6:54 PM

Robert, I recall reading something once where, for the English recording of "Konya wa Hurricane", Joyce Leigh Bowden originally sang "Tonight - Hurricane", but apparently it was thought to not sound quite right without the "a". If this is true, does the original take still exist? That would be a cool extra.

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Dec 1 13 6:11 AM

I do not know if any of the studio outtakes were kept, but I'd say the odds are low.

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