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Oct 27 13 6:58 AM

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Several folks are suggesting a KOR Blu-Ray Kickstarter over in the comments on the BGC Kickstarter page.  I'm curious - I know AnimEigo got the rights for KOR TV and had the rights for the OAV and the 1st movie. The 2nd movie was released by someone else, IIRC. The music, also IIRC, was a separate rights negotiation tangle (or am I completely confused and wrong about this?).  But rights are only for a set period of time.  So what *is* the status of all those various rights involved with KOR?

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Nov 4 13 6:09 AM

madoverlord wrote:
We no longer have rights to KOR, but it might be possible to negotiate a renewal.
I would love to be able to own KOR again. Even just a DVD re-release would be awesome, considering how expensive/hard to find the old ones are now. (But a blu-ray would be even better!) I think KOR would still probably sell decently, too, seeing how popular romantic comedies seem to be with younger fans lately. Yay

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May 15 14 9:01 AM

getting a KOR bluray would be amazing!!

Even though I own the previous DVD boxset I would be all in on this, it's probably my favorite anime of all time.

I don't know what the licensing issues would be with re-acquiring this title but it would be awesome to get the tv series, ova, and movie on blu. Now that ADV is gone did the 2nd movies rights transfer to someone or is it up for grabs again? doing an ultimate everything box set would be great

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