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Oct 27 13 2:38 PM

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Why is the pillow case so "infamous"?
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Oct 27 13 7:08 PM

blaizevincent wrote:
I wondered too and i found this crazy thing archived by Google. Its an Animeigo internet message board? conversation from 1993. The pillowcase is mentioned!msg/rec.arts.anime/jqc2x8EWNjA/Y48dc8utk0UJ

I assume its rarity and the fact that its one of the very few Ecchi images out there of BGC?

Here's a photo of The Infamous Pillow Case
Here's a better copy of the image on The Infamous Pillow Case.

Speaking of silly things, wasn't there a stool at one time too?

oldowlJeanne Hedge

"Believe me, if I have to go the rest of my life without companionship, knowing myself won't be a problem."
-- Gabrielle of Potadeia

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Oct 28 13 3:45 AM

It was made by a fan IIRC, so I don't think it would be appropriate to use it as a reward. Also, my Mom has it, and if I tried to take it from her, she'd use it to beat me to death.

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Nov 25 13 12:49 PM

I remember that picture. It was used as the cover for the UK release of Bubblegum Crash. I always thought it was a weird choice for a cyberpunk show.

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Jun 9 14 12:01 AM

It's page 25 of Kenichi Sonoda Artworks 1983-1997.

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