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Oct 31 13 2:17 PM

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As many might recall, a number of years ago Animeigo released Hurricane Live on its own DVD. This was as separate release way back in the early days of DVD. This was great to buy and have everything back to back. When the remastered DVD set came out, the music videos were split up over the 4 DVDs. My suggestion folks, especially since it is only two discs for the set, keep Hurricane Live together in one piece on one of the 2 BDs - assuming all bonus content and Hurricane Live can just be placed on the second BD. Nothing beat that dedicated DVD and being able to turn it on and just let it play through. Just wasn't happy about having to swap out DVDs like with the Remastered DVD set.

Jim G.
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Oct 31 13 4:34 PM

I'd agree, personally; I strongly prefer that all of Hurricane Live was grouped together on one disc. If that's not possible for technical reasons, that's fine, but otherwise I'd prefer to have them back to back.

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Nov 1 13 4:04 AM

Had there been a forum for the Remastered DVD set, I think you would have a war but it is only 2 BDs, so I don't think there will be much in the way of complaints this go around but we'll see.

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Nov 1 13 6:38 AM

madoverlordAnd so, the war between the lumpers ("keep them all together") and the splitters ("put them with their episodes") begins...

It's possible to do both if the disc is properly authored with seamless branching without wasting space for duplicate video files.

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Nov 3 13 6:19 AM

Not quite in this case since we have to split the episodes over 2 discs. It would only be the case if the episodes could be split between the discs such that the HL2032 and 2033 episodes are chunked on separate discs, and there is not so much disparity in length that it causes a reduction in bit budget. I want to use every bit I can to maximize video quality.

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Nov 14 13 9:40 PM

Personally I would rather have the Hurricane Live videos together.

It makes it easier to watch just the music videos. Of course it does come down to quality of the OVA. I rather have the series in the best possible quality. If we all push for the 3 disc set, think of all the extra room that gives to have Hurricane Live together on one disc.

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Nov 16 13 9:04 AM

I'd have to vote for the lumping. when I'm cleaning house, throwing on the BGC music is great and having them all in one with the video just makes it that much easier to clean without having to swap stuff around or stream them from my computer :)

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