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Bonus Item Feedback: Polo Shirt -- Now With Design Contest!

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Nov 3 13 10:04 AM

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UPDATE: See my post lower in this thread for a contest!

After I scanned all the Settei this morning (see it occurred to me that it might be nice to produce an embroidered polo shirt.

I quickly roughed out a design and wondered if anyone might have some suggestions for improvement of the layout or the choice of central graphic.



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#6 [url]

Nov 5 13 8:55 PM

My suggestion would be something a bit more subtle. I'd prefer something like the AD Police badge embroidered or as a sewn on patch; and since the ADP were basically boomer-fodder the shirt could even be done in a deconstruction fashion style. My other suggestion would be the silhouette of a hardsuit done in a style to match the polo player and horse on a Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

In fact I have decided, one of these is how we will do it. Yes, I know; I am awesome and no you cannot hire me nor do I make guest appearances, lol.

P.S. How do I get on the list for a poster? I just found out about this the other day and missed them, but would like to get one for my brother, on who's behalf I have done the sponsorship as a b-day surprise. He's a huge BGC fan and still has the original hardshell VHS tapes, but he's really not into anime much any more since it turned into moe-blob-talking-head-nonsense so he has no idea this is occurring and this is going to make a cool surprise gift for him.

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#7 [url]

Nov 6 13 5:38 AM

Email me directly at [email protected] and I'll put you on a waitlist for posters.

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#8 [url]

Nov 6 13 6:21 AM

OK guys, I've had some conversations with the Masters of Embroidery at (a local Wilmington company that does custom embroidery), and it looks like they can do a 4" tall multicolored image on a polo shirt (left breast).

So here is a challenge for you... take the following image (I've cleaned it up and made all the pixels either black or white) and "paint by numbers" to create the design. Your goal is to some up with something that looks clean and has as few colors as possible. If you are feeling ambitious, do a second version with hilight effects. You can use the color images of Priss that I've previous posted at as a guide. Note that you may find it necessary to simplify some parts of the image like the glove details.

If we use your work for the actual embroidery, you'll get one for free! Time is of the essence since we want to announce this in the KickStarter ASAP. The Image is here:

Have fun!


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#9 [url]

Nov 6 13 2:41 PM

Patchy Priss Patch

Colors used: black, blue, pink, red, gray, dark gray
I tried to color it correctly, but there seems to be some inconsistency how she is colored in official works. Her suit changes between blue/black and pink/red.

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#10 [url]

Nov 6 13 5:26 PM

Had some time to mess around, this is not the only one I've made, just kind of liked the result when I was playing around with simplifying it and thickening the lines, could use a bit more tweaking. Should really be redrawn as a vector graphic.
Trying to keep the # of colors as limited as possible, so just 4 colors.


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#11 [url]

Nov 6 13 6:40 PM

I'll go look at some of my cel references to match the colors, but this is a great start. I like the thinner lines, but the artists at the embroidery company would know what will work best.

One thing that would really make it pop would be hilight areas, like you see in some of the color art.

Also, here's the BGC English logo from the most recent release:


And a quick mockup of another possibility... would need to have the colors cleaned up, of course:


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#13 [url]

Nov 6 13 8:01 PM

madoverlordPS: If I can remember what episode that pose is clipped from, I can grab it from the Japanese BD.

For your mock up, isn't that picture from episode 8 in the AD Police HQ fight?

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#14 [url]

Nov 6 13 8:13 PM

@madoverlord: Whoa! If the embroidered image could look like that, that'd be wicked awesome! To be honest I'm not familiar with Polo shirts and embroidering, I guess my only wonderance would be if there'd be any loss of details using a picture like that.

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#15 [url]

Nov 6 13 8:45 PM

You can actually get fairly high resolution and lots of different colors. The patch size is about 4x4". ComSR's version would be trivially easy to do, my mockup would be pushing the limit and might have to be simplified -- it will certainly have to be cleaned up.

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#16 [url]

Nov 6 13 9:03 PM

What about using the most recent BGC logo with ComSR's graphic? My only concern would be that the final image may turn out a bit too dark in colors. Are we talking about a white polo shirt, or will there be a choice of colors?

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#17 [url]

Nov 6 13 11:38 PM

@ComSR, The outlines need to be thinner, they bleed into each other too much at the current thickness. I think the simplicity of this design works much better though compared to madoverlord's mockup, which won't reprint on a shirt anywhere near as well.

If anybody is artistically handy and could make it a more dynamic image, that would be ideal. e.g. possibly have a boomer in front being blown back from a blast from her palm, that would potentially make the composition much more interesting. At the moment the pose and setup on its own is a little dull tbh. Will see what I can do if I ever get some spare time over the next few days.

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#19 [url]

Nov 7 13 4:16 AM

One other issue with @ComSR's current design -- it's elongated. That means the width will be less than the maximum 4". Would it work with the same kind of cutoff design that I used in my sketch?

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#20 [url]

Nov 7 13 6:26 AM

madoverlord wrote:
One other issue with @ComSR's current design -- it's elongated. That means the width will be less than the maximum 4". Would it work with the same kind of cutoff design that I used in my sketch?
The one above isn't mine, it's JesseP's. As for the Kickstarter update - no contest. My version is stripped down and has mimimal colors, plus an unfamiliar logo design. Of course they would prefer the unconstrained official version. :P

Here's another one with some tweaks and second logo with different font spacing for comparison. Let me know what you think.
When I made the logo, I tried to get a feeling of the JP original. I didn't add any neon glow effects because I wanted keep the color count down (more colors=higher cost).
The font is Synthek LDR. But there's a catch: to use this font for commercial purposes, a small donation needs to be sent the author.

BGC Early Adopter Premium
Time never betrays dreams. But dreams must not betray time.

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