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Nov 13 13 8:57 PM

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Sorry if this has already been tackled, but I didn't spot it anywhere. Will the BGC set be available for sale through AnimeIgo after the Kickstarter campaign is over (like many games or other crowd-funded media are) or will it only be made available to those who pledged as a limited item?
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Nov 14 13 4:53 AM

You will be able to order it (and add ons) after the KickStarter campaign ends. But once we are ready to start production (early summer), it won't be orderable anymore. We are making enough copies for the backers, plus extras to handle things like lost/damaged in the mail -- and that's it.

Any future BGC release on BD will be a different, simpler set.

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Apr 13 14 7:37 PM

Just Found About This And Want To Buy It

I just found out about this project and Bubblegum Crisis is my favorite anime of all time (I own practically every art book, dvd, rpg, etc) and am disappointed I missed this.  Is there any link you can provide for me to order this since I missed out on the actual kickstarter like you mentioned on the above forum?  I saw a link on the Current Challenge line of the Kickstarter description that leads to some Pay Now options, but I am still a little confused as to what that is for.  Thanks for any help.

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Apr 17 14 3:44 AM

I've been thinking about this, and what I'm planning on doing is:

* If you order before the preorder deadline, you are guaranteed a set. These preorders will determine the production volume, and we'll make extras to handle damage/lost-in-mail/etc issues.

* If you order after the deadline, you'll go on a waitlist. You won't be guaranteed a set, your name won't appear on the discs, and you won't get it until after all the preorders have been shipped and received.

* If after that there are still any sets left (after setting aside some for handling "dog ate my set" issues) then we will sell them off on the website, but at a higher price than the preorder.

After everything is sold off I'll recalculate the budget and figure out what to do with any excess -- maybe send everyone an extra bonus gift, or use it as a rainy-day fund for future kickstarters.

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May 4 14 1:38 AM

Hey I just backed recently on the basic level and was wondering if there was any updates on this?  Not trying to be a pain just wondering.

Also thanks so much for doing this as well!  I was thinking about importing this for years but the cost was way way too much.  Hope to see Crash/AD Police someday on bluray as well.  Would buy it for sure as I have the DVD's of this too.  Hopefully funimation will do 2040 on bluray someday too remastered.  Wish that 2041 rumor from many years ago was true as well. 

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