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Nov 16 13 9:27 AM

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AZ Panel Recording:

So the wife and I staff Animazement in Raleigh every year (karaoke).  I saw in a previous post that the VA for Priss is on NPR down there in Wilmington.  What would be cool is to get as many of the staff together at a panel at AZ2014 to record as an extra available on the possible disc 3.  Not sure what that would incur but thought something like that would be cool.  I remember seeing something similar at the end of the Record of Lodoss War series back on VHS and really enjoyed their input.  Granted, it's been quite a while so I don't know where the VA's are now, much less the staff :)

New Interviews:
If not an AZ Panel recording, how about new interviews with staff/VA's.  Maybe get the backers to submit their questions and submit them to the staff?  A possible addition to the online content?

BGC Figures.

Sitting somewhere in a drawer, I have these BGC figures for the old roleplaying book.  They've long lost pieces but I see this company still makes them.  These are really cool and a full set would be awesome (yeah I could just buy them, but something small like this would be an awesome addition, especially if you can get them cheaper in bulk?)

Just some random ideas rolling in my head :)
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Nov 16 13 9:51 AM

Another thought and I didn't want to fill the polo thread with it, but how about a hat. I would love to see a BGC hat with the logo or knight sabers vandalism that was suggested for the zippo lighter. that would be pretty awesome.

Maybe something along the lines of a knight saber on the front and Bubblegum Crisis across the back.

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