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Nov 21 13 6:14 AM

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As soon as the KickStarter closes on Sunday night, I'm going to send out a survey to all the backers. There are some obvious questions that I'll be asking, like "where do you want this shipped?" and "Do you want a 3rd BD50 in the set?", but it occurred to me to ask what other questions you think I should ask.

These should be more global questions, rather than specific "Do you want to spend $ to add X to the set" questions -- the only reason the 3rd BD50 question qualifies is that it unlocks a bunch of other possibilities.
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Nov 21 13 7:15 AM

If you're asking where the set should be shipped now, will you be asking again in August before you ship the set? Or will there be some other way to update the shipping address? I ask because there's a fairly decent chance (but not a certainty) that my address will change between now and then.

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Nov 21 13 7:35 AM

So one thing to remember, if you send the survey through Kickstarter directly, you're done. I don't think you are allowed to send a second survey. If you're using Backer Kit or something like that though, I don't think it will be an issue to send more than one to them.

How about:

"What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

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Nov 22 13 12:04 AM

How about questions like:

  • How did you hear about the BGC KickStarter?
  • What interested you the most about the BGC KickStarter?
  • Was the HD remaster "Rock Me" music video useful in seeing the possible quality of the HD BGC release?
  • Would a before/after remaster sample video be useful?
  • What did you think about the "Crowd Production" for the BGC KickStarter?
  • What series/OVA/Movie would you like AnimEigo to look into doing another KickStarter for?
  • What could be done to improve future AnimEigo KickStarters?
  • What type of backer perks would you like to see in future AnimEigo KickStarters?

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Nov 23 13 8:09 PM

It would probably make more sense to, instead of sending out a survey with these kinds of questions immediately, calculating out (at least roughly) the current budget. From there, placing whatever items the community has asked for in a list in the emails + whatever else you think is cool and then asking us to rank and order what we'd like given priority (caveat it with not everything can be funded of course). From the remaining list it would be much easier to see what needs priority in terms of investigating costs and it'd be easier for you to start nailing down hard numbers regarding what things would cost what and what may need to be sacrificed in regards to getting things done. After that we can go through surveys again to determine what needs to be sacrificed in favor of what.


A general question that would be good to ask is: "Do you have any suggestions/feedback to give now having gone through a kickstarter that you think would be useful if we did another one in the future?"

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Nov 24 13 8:03 PM

As someone who waited until the last few hours to pledge, I think it might be worthwhile to include a question such as:

"What factor(s) ultimately led to your decision to make your pledge?"

Would be nice to gauge how long people held-out (if at all) and why.

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#8 [url]

Nov 26 13 9:27 PM

Ah, good point. I will poll them when I get a chance, unless the results are so overwhelming that it won't make any difference.

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