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Jan 3 14 1:58 PM

That sounds great, though I'm unsure if I'm reading your post right. Are you saying that the majority of the subtitles for the set will indeed be like the music video (what I would call a "traditional" layout that basically all labels use)? And that in the sequence pictured in Update #14, you'll in fact be using this traditional style? If so, of course I have no complaints. A few titles moved off to the side in the opening sequences is no issue, all I was really concerned about was titles dancing around the screen depending on where a character is placed.

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Jan 3 14 6:05 PM

The style used in the music videos -- single-line titles centered; multiple-line (by same speaker) titles left-justified and then the entire block centered (in other words, the left edge of the second line lines up with the left edge of the first line) -- is the style AnimEigo has used since day 1 -- over 20 years ago.

The sequence shown in update 14 has been updated to use the standard style. I couldn't do it in the DVD version of the titles because the lines became too long, but I have a little more horizontal width to play with on Blu-Rays, so I can get away with it.

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