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Nov 25 13 2:32 AM

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I am Early Adopter Premium. What are you?

BGC Early Adopter Premium
Time never betrays dreams. But dreams must not betray time.

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Nov 25 13 9:54 AM

Patron Boomer + AD Police, also added on for Double Vision.

I wish I'd been a hair quicker in getting the Patron Figures, and wasn't hesitant on choosing between Motoslave Linna and Priss. Still happy regardless. Told my wife when the project was still a draft that I'd be backing this no matter what whether or not I snagged a reward.

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Nov 25 13 1:48 PM

Stop telling yourselves how über you all are, and start coming up with ways to spend that Premium Budget! I am particularly partial to proposals where you've already done some of the pricing research... :)

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Nov 25 13 3:44 PM

I hate to sound rude, but does this thread actually serve any purpose other than to state what rank you pledged?

Although with that in mind, I was just a traditional Premium member.

Last Edited By: CrimsonCy Nov 25 13 3:49 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#9 [url]

Nov 25 13 7:16 PM

Same. I'm pleased to have gotten the item I did, and I am even more pleased to have helped this come to be, and am excited to help get to shape the extra features we will have!

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Dec 3 13 4:49 PM

xelement5x wrote:
Premium Poster winner here. Though my poster came in today and looks a bit worse for the wear all things considered.

I have a few extra posters to cover damage situations. Once I've dealt with any lost-in-mail issues, I may be able to get you a replacement. Email me so I can mark your record with a reminder.

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#12 [url]

Dec 12 13 8:49 AM

Premium backer, with double-vision.

Would've loved to snag the Priss/Moto Slave figure set.

Am surprised by the interest in the "infamous" pillowcases. Glad I bought two pillowcases back in the day. Have them stashed and never used. Maybe I should frame them and display them in my living room.

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