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Nov 25 13 9:19 AM

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Now that the KickStarter has concluded, I have been able to do some better estimates of the excess budget that you, as Backers, will be able to allocate. Please read this update carefully, because it contains information you'll need in order to properly answer the KickStarter survey questions I will soon be sending out.

As of last night, we had (including PayPal) 2145 backers, 653 of them International, and 67 of them "Double Vision". We will have to ship out 2212 copies, but we will make about 10% more to deal with shipping & damage issues -- 2433 in all. 1950 will be Basic sets, and 483 will be Premium sets.

These numbers (and the ones below) will increase as people continue to back the project.

The estimated Surplus Basic Budget is $7,634.96, or $3.14 per set (both Basic and Premium, since Premium backers get everything Basic backers get).

The estimated Premium Surplus Budget is $10,031.15, or $20.77 per Premium set.

Over the next few days, I'll start sending out the KickStarter surveys (slowly at first, so I can get a handle on it). In addition to asking you for your address information, I'm going to poll you about two important initial budget choices you must make. The first is:

Should we expand the set to 3 BD50 discs?

Expanding the set to 3 discs will unlock many additional possibilities. Those extra 50 gigabytes can be used in many ways. For example, we could:

* Increase the bitrate, and thus the video quality.
* Include the Digital Omake Archive on the disc.
* Add additional program content (assuming we can obtain it)
* Add extra subtitle tracks, for example Spanish or Italian. Several of your fellow backers have already contacted me about doing this; it should be very inexpensive and hopefully will attract even more backers to the party.
* Add backer-contributed materials, such as fan-art and music videos.

As you know, Natsumi and I have offered to cover the cost of Authoring and Mastering a third disc, so the cost of selecting this option is the cost of replicating the discs. This cost, including a small allowance for additional packaging expenses and possible extra postage, is about $2.40 per disc.

Selecting this option would leave about $0.75 per copy in the Basic budget. Enough to do some interesting stuff, but perhaps you'd like more. Thus, question two:

Should we remove the Challenge Coin from the set?

I want to make this absolutely clear before discussing this any further: If any backer really, really wants the coin, they will get the coin, no matter what gets decided!

The cost of the Challenge Coin is $2.85 per coin, and removing it will also reduce the postage cost. If everyone agreed to remove the coin, the total savings -- and thus the increase in the Basic budget -- would be about $3.00 per set, almost doubling it.

What makes this issue a bit more complicated is that I feel very strongly that this is not a situation where majority rules. Each of you can choose to give up your coin to increase the budget for everyone, but none of you can make that decision for anyone else.

Obviously, if everyone agrees to remove the coin from the set, there's no issue. And if only 50 backers really, really want the coin, then it makes sense to just make 50 coins, and put the money saved into the Basic budget. To be honest, I'm not sure where the break-even point is, and I have no idea if removing the Challenge Coin is an idea that has broad support. But I do think the question itself is interesting, so on the survey, I'm going to ask this question:

I will give up the coin if...

* ...the sun rises tomorrow (I'll give it up, no matter what).
* least 25% of the other backers agree to do so.
* least 50% of the other backers agree to do so.
* least 75% of the other backers agree to do so.
* least 90% of the other backers agree to do so.
* ...hell freezes over. I really, really want the coin. My Precioussss...

I won't send out any surveys until I've gotten some feedback from you. I look forward to your comments.

PS: 2/3 of the way through the initial timing tweaks on BGC2 : Born to Kill

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#2 [url]

Nov 25 13 9:49 AM

Wow....I've backed almost 30 projects on kickstarter and this is by far the most professional, transparent, and well done KS to date and that includes things like Star Citizen.   Anyways!  In regards to the coin it's hard to make that decision without hearing any options of what we could do with that extra money :3  I'm not overly wed to a coin as I have no use for it really (not much of a collector!) but still it'd be nice to know what our options could be. (obv not easy since they'd have to be threshold based - and should people who didnt' give up their coins receive it too will prob get brought up but lets not focus on that please)

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#3 [url]

Nov 25 13 9:59 AM

I am happy to give up the coin. I am all for any extra cash that allows for a third disc, or enhancement to the video or extra content. I will be curious to see what possible options are available certainly, but I personally don't need a coin. I am just psyched about getting BGC on Bluray since I didn't get round to purchasing the remastered boxed set DVD. Still have the original Animego VHS clamshell tapes.  image

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#5 [url]

Nov 25 13 10:07 AM

I think if it upgrades EVERY purchase to BASIC that the coin should go. The coin was just silly and this would really be a good way to add an extra disc and up everything else too in the process. Anyway, that's my 2 cents on the subject.

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#8 [url]

Nov 25 13 10:15 AM

I am absolutely in favor of dropping the coin in favor of other extras, particularly related to media content.  I'd prefer commemorative tchotchkes to have some other function, like a lighter, a solid pen, or a flask or something, which I imagine would cost too much anyway.  


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#9 [url]

Nov 25 13 10:15 AM

I’m a bit hesitant to give up the coin. As it stands I’m not at the “..hell freezes over…” level but as it stands I would like to have a better idea of what could be done with the extra funds. I am totally for doing three discs so if that was done and the coin was removed that would be about $3.75 per disc if I understand correctly. As it stands unless I saw a list of other things that the extra money could be used for I would list myself as needing at least 90% of the other backers agree to do so.

Also a thought about the 5 people that backed at the challenge level: What if those few people just really wanted the coin? I think it would be best to hear their thoughts before removing something if that what those people really wanted.

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#10 [url]

Nov 25 13 10:21 AM

I also don't need the coin. Up until now I didn't pay attention when the topic about the coins was raised and I don't even know how they look like...
I'm here for the main course :)

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#13 [url]

Nov 25 13 10:39 AM

Adding to the voices that would like to know what else can be done with the cash that's allocated to the coin. If advantageous, I'll give it up. Otherwise, if at least 75% agree.

Of course, yes, to a 3rd disc.

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#14 [url]

Nov 25 13 10:45 AM

I paid for the 50$ basic package and I'm okay with losing the coin in exchange for a third disc. The coin is really just an extra--a piece of kibble--and I never really needed it to begin with, so I'm happy to decline it. But actually getting a bonus disc means more content, and has more emotional and artistic value to me as a result--that's an option that, if it's on the table for including in the Basic package, I'm all for snatching up.

(I know, I know, I went the whole run of the KS campaign forgetting to get an account, but only after it's over did I finally start participating proper, for this part of the discussion. Ooops.)

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#15 [url]

Nov 25 13 10:52 AM

Well I would be happy to give up the coin say if 25 to 50% of the backers agreed because any extra budget allocated per disc means more extras or higher bitrates so I am for it.

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#17 [url]

Nov 25 13 11:28 AM

For me, it would really depend on what the coin looked like. As a collector, if it is available to get, I try to get it. Although, if the design is horrible, chances are that I would turn it down rather fast. As for the extras that could added, how about a digital release ? I would love to have BGC as a digital option. I realize that not every one would want that, but one can dream. That is one thing that could be done with the third disk, as I do not have to have BGC in the highest definition possible.

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#18 [url]

Nov 25 13 12:20 PM

If it ensures a third disk and more content ( possibly Scramble Wars? ) I'll happily drop the coin. For me its all about what a tremendous ground breaking show BGC is. Collectibles are nice, but I'd much rather see BGC released in the best format possible.

Now I just have to buy a Blu-ray player so I can actually watch it! image

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#19 [url]

Nov 25 13 12:42 PM

I'd say that adding a third disc is the top priority, primarily for maximising the bit-rate. As for the coin, I'd like to see the intended design before deciding whether to give it up.

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#20 [url]

Nov 25 13 12:49 PM

I will gladly give up the coin, I have no interest in it.

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