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Nov 25 13 1:56 PM

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How much do chipboard boxes cost, both in enough quantity for all sets and in more limited quantity for just the premium sets sold?

While I could probably live with a $50 set just coming in regular cases, a $100+ set really feels like it should have a box of some sort.
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Nov 25 13 2:08 PM

I'm generally against metal/steel cases, they just seem to attract dents or have issues with the hubs. I could probably be convinced otherwise if there's budget and enough people want one.

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Nov 25 13 9:40 PM

If you've ever handled any "premium" series from Aniplex, I'd probably go for a set like that - the Read or Die Box set was especially nice with its 'book' design. Maybe for Premium backers you guys would consider designing a box that looks+feels like an old Cassette tape?

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Nov 27 13 1:09 AM

What isn't clear is how many BD cases it will be. It wouldn't make too much sense for a chipboard box unless it is two BDs cases. If it isn't two cases, a really nice, glossy slip cover would be a nice add-on for packaging.

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Dec 2 13 1:46 PM

JGwinn1048 wrote:
And just to head - metal cases look nice but dent easily and when damaged are tough to replace, especially when limited. Not worth the headache.

I agree.  I've got poly bags for all the ones I own that are standard DVDs, and it's about all you can do to prevent them having paint fleck off over time.

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Dec 3 13 4:15 PM

Aniplex premium editions are the way to go. Very modern and very nicely made. Especially if they have a Matte finish.

I own two Paul Champagne Artboxes and they are really not that great, I've never really liked them. They look tacky.

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Dec 3 13 4:58 PM

Just a quick update: I'm having our replication house work out some possible alternative packaging (upgrades on an Amaray with an additional internal disc tray). They have done some nice work for us in the past; I particularly like the multidisc foldout with posterboard sleeve, because it has so much space for artwork.

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Dec 12 13 12:20 AM

I would be up for some steelbook cases, also, I really enjoy the premium releases bandai/honneamise did. Aniplex produces very cheaply made "premium" sets, despite sometimes giving one or two nifty items. Nisa seems to have struck a nice balance. I would also like to see the premium plastic protective clear sleeves that I have seen with one or two sets (like the patlabor movie collectors editions) to keep the sets pristine if at all possible. One thing I will say is please, if you go with standard cases, do NOT use flimsy cheap recycled plastic cases that sentai, funimation, and many others seem to rely on now. I also do not want to see "eco" cases being used. Lastly, I can't stand the flimsy hinge multidisc cases cheapo companies have been using as of late, they suck, and they break easily.

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Dec 12 13 8:45 AM


I like unique cases, such as the "helmet" cases for Iron Man, Transformers, Terminator, etc. The "USS Enterprise" ship for the Chris Pine reboot is cool...the BDs go INSIDE the saucer section! Yes, these may not conform to the rest of your BDs or fit the shelf easily, but they're unique and cool.

Steelbooks and the copycats are getting played out and are NOT unique or cool anymore. When everyone has it = not unique, not cool, not special, just NOT.

Definitely do NOT use the case like the recently released Robotech: The Complete Set..20 dvds stacked on top of one another on the insides of the covers/back and on two "pages" in the middle. The plastic tabs holding the "pages" so that they can be "turned" like a book are weak and already broke in shipment to me.

Individual BD cases within a beautifully decorated box is fine by me, like the recently released Gatchaman: Complete Collection on blu-ray.

But I wouldn't object to four "helmet" cases of Priss, Linna, Nene and Sylia.

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Dec 30 13 5:29 PM

Just got a little pricing information.

The current plan for the Basic packaging is to do a standard Amaray with an internal tray to hold the extra 2 discs.

A possible premium option is an "O Card" that slips around the Amaray.

The cost of doing that for quantity 2500 (in other words, for everyone) is $0.625. Doing it just for Premium folks would be more expensive because there's less of a quantity discount; I'm getting that info.

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Dec 30 13 9:50 PM

So it's not going to be 2 cases (2BD+1BD) in a chipboard box then? If that's the case, it'll look worse even a flimsy CPM cardboard box. Despite being "Ultimate", even a regular oldschool box set from ADV would beat it many times over in looks.
Hopefully you're not planning to use Eco cases ("recycle" cutouts).

BGC Early Adopter Premium
Time never betrays dreams. But dreams must not betray time.

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Dec 31 13 6:20 AM

I'm still getting numbers on a 2+1 combo, but I know that will blow out the Basic budget because it will require either a O Card or a box, so it would have to be a premium item. The price interactions get complex, especially when we do two versions, because then there are fewer Basic sets made, which increases their costs. There are also interactions with shipping.

No eco-cases

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Jan 1 14 8:49 AM

In regards to the packaging, is it known that there will be a second KS "Bubblegum Crisis II: the Rest of It"? And if so would it not be a better idea to have one slipcase/deluxe packaging for everything?

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Jan 3 14 6:00 PM

Given the uncertainties involved, I don't think this is a good idea. If we later do, say, ADP and Crash, then at that time we might work on group packaging. But I doubt it will be cost-effective.

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Jan 4 14 3:54 PM

Single standard case gets my vote. More than one case for three discs is overkill (I think I have some 6-disc TV seasons on Blu-ray the size of a normal Amaray), a waste of shelf space, will be more expensive to ship, and in my case since I'm an international buyer, more likely to be seized by customs.

I'm not a big fan of O-card type sleeves. They're flimsy and cheap and thus don't really add much in my opinion. If you wanted to add some premium feeling I would suggest a nice, proper slipcase that's folded card and with only one opening on the side, like the Godfather Blu-ray set. No doubt more expensive, though I don't know by how much. Perhaps worth exploring?

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