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Dec 1 13 7:14 PM

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I don't know if this has been brought up yet or not, but this is a "B-Club Visual Comic". I haven't seen the original but have a text translation by a Dan Su. It includes brief bios of the four Knight Sabers and the Eleven Regulations of the Knight Sabers. Any chance of including this comic with an English translation?
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Dec 3 13 11:50 AM

The B-Club Visual Comic is a separate item from the book that fans commonly call the "B-Club Special" (I don't know if they are both technically B-Club specials though).

I believe that both of them contain short mangas. It would be nice to get either those manga, or the entire specials, translated. (Although who knows if the budget would allow for translation.)

There also seems to be another short manga from a different source (see

Also, I once tried to find the AD Police B-Club Special. I have seen no evidence that it exists, no ISBN, no picture of the cover, even though finding this information for the Crisis and Crash specials was trivial.

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