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Dec 4 13 8:34 AM

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An important part of the production process is checking the subtitles for timing, layout, spelling and translation. It's always helpful to have extra eyeballs on the subtitle test runs, especially when converting to a new format (HD titles are timed in 24p instead of 60i, the layout can be different, and we have more flexibility with color choices than on DVD).

Normally this would be limited to AnimEigo staff, but I am finishing up the arrangements that should permit us to bring in a limited number of backers into the process.

If you are interested in volunteering to do subtitle checking, please email me at [email protected] You will be required to sign this non-disclosure agreement:

Ideally I would want a few people with good Japanese language skills that can look for possible translation errors, as well as people with good english writing skills who can point out lines that could be tweaked.

I already have the first versions of episodes 1-5 ready for checking.

Also, people who do significant work like this will get production credits.

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Dec 17 13 6:25 AM

There may be opportunities later on, but my Three Titleteers are doing an awesome job.

Which means, of course, that I hate the nitpicky bastards! :P

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