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Jan 3 14 5:14 AM

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I was wondering if Animeigo has taught about licensing open source anime like The Adventures of Boris Munchausen
I would love to see a DVD/Lib-ray combo pack with the creator endorsed mark
The cost would be paying the creators 2000-3000 dollars to make the sources of episode 2 and 3 available
You can find them on the Synfig forums

Seems like a cool idea for a kickstarter/Indiegogo? Right?
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Jan 4 14 2:25 PM

There are 4 reasons why AnimeEgo shoud license this

First and formost it is a cheap way to test lib-ray DVD combo At 3 episodes totalling 29.29 minutes with 27.4 minutes of animation it would be a cheap way to test DVD/Lib-ray combos.

Secondly if the Kickstarter/Indiegogo is successful it would encourage indie animators to license their works under creative common licenses.

I would also like AnimeEgo if they do a kickstarter/indiegogo of it to put a creator endorsed 10 percent supports the artist logo on the DVD-Libray combo pack.Free 2D animation software is still in its infancy and the success of this campaign could improve the quality of 2D animation software. Crowd Sourcing has already improved 2D animation alot

And last but not least it is different and AnimeEgo is all about doing the unorthodox. Licensing open source anime with the sources availble to modify as you like its kinda like Blender film foundation except for 2D animation

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Jan 8 14 9:42 AM

madoverlord wrote:
I don't think this would be a project that plays to AnimEigo's strengths. We operate within rigidly defined areas of weirdness and insanity.

It seems like a cheap way to move from Blueray to Libray for HD videos. I have heard Blueray is very restrictive

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