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Feb 22 14 5:05 AM

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Voting for the content and packaging for Bubblegum Crisis Blu-ray box is live.
If you missed the Kickstarter, you still have the option of preordering or upgrading the set to Premium via PayPal.
If you have not received your Account Status email, please contact Robert (aka Madoverlord).

BGC Early Adopter Premium
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Feb 23 14 6:24 AM

I voted.

I hope people are a little altruistic and vote for the international subs. Maybe not the Kanji subs, but the others would be great since this can be going to the countries of these folks.

I would love the slim BD cases, but didn't vote for it except to put it at the bottom. That price is testicles - nuts that is.

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#5 [url]

Feb 24 14 10:18 AM

madoverlord wrote:
Yes, I too hope the subtitles get approved.

So if someone wanted to be completely altruistic and the subtitles wouldn't be voted in... and someone decided to just pay for them, would that be allowed? Or maybe figure out a way to poll the people to see if funds could be donated into a PayPal account and used for other language subtitles?

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#9 [url]

Mar 1 14 1:21 PM

I'm also surprised, packaging was like the least of my choices.
The commentary track wasn't that important for me since I have absolutely no idea who the person is, oh well.

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#10 [url]

Mar 1 14 1:44 PM

I was quite surprised by the results. My initial impression is that there were two big voting clusters -- the content over presentation guys, and the presentation over content guys.

The results ended up as a mixture.

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#11 [url]

Mar 1 14 5:03 PM

That's what I gathered, as well. It's a shame - I was hoping for the RPG books... but oh well. What can ya do? :) People voted, and we got a mix of content and presentation... albeit the most expensive things for each. Honestly, that's what struck me as odd. You'd think people would try to get as much quantity into the set as possible - bang for the buck, and all of that. But instead, they went straight for the two "whale" items.

To be honest, I'd love to use this as a case study in consumer behaviour one day.

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#12 [url]

Mar 1 14 6:15 PM

A little disappointed that the chipboard packaging was the second choice, and that there was enough in the budget to cover it. I was hoping that would have gone to the rpg books. Oh well. I also voted for the subtitles in hope that once German or whatever subtitles get added, there would be a flood of orders after each funded language. A little on the hopeful side I guess.

Also I was wondering, does ordering an extra copy impact the budget, or is it more or less just the cost of the extra copy?

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#13 [url]

Mar 2 14 3:16 PM

People were always going to vote for the most expensive items.

I have Grand Mal - it's..... it has its upsides and its downsides shall we say. Of course, I was lucky enough to find a copy in a trader's box in a backwater con in Galway


--m(^0^)m-- Wot, no sig?

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#14 [url]

Mar 4 14 6:39 AM

Ordering extra copies does increase the remaining excess budget by a small amount. It's not as much as you might think, because it does mean an extra copy needs to be produced and shipped, but it does amortize the fixed costs over a larger number of copies.

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#16 [url]

Mar 30 14 8:36 PM

Quite glad for the news, I was really looking for those rpg books to be included.  I was running low on hope though, what with the ordering of priorities being to fund the subtitles before the books.  I figured costs would come down, but wasn't sure it was going to be enough.  In any case, this result is good enough for me to have ordered a second copy, instead of just being on the fence about it.  

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#17 [url]

Mar 31 14 3:42 PM

One of the very interesting things about this project is that as things get decided (like what packaging options we are using), that allows me to place much tighter constraints on other things (like shipping costs), which increases the budget and allows me to add things. And each time something gets added -- especially Premium things -- more people upgrade to Premium, which increases the budget more.

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#18 [url]

Jun 3 14 4:29 AM

Packaging Update Thoughts

Referencing Update #28

I like the sketch of Genom Tower in the background so that it looks different that the previous DVD release. Also, Priss in her motorslave for the back and all 4 Knight Sabers on the side is cool, too.

I like all the sketch backgrounds, but the Ultimate Edition Cover with Priss and the giant robot looks odd to me. The giant robot in the background makes it look like there is giant mecha action involved and I can't even remember where that's from unless it's the robot from Red Eyes.

I like all the poses on both Volumes 2 and 3, but the Nene on Volume 1 look off. Nene doesn't appear in an action shot, or really to be doing anything.

I think the backers would look better off the Pfieffer suggestion, but since that image is already used elsewhere, that Priss image with her helmet off and hand toward the screen would be better. Plus, it is also the same color scheme and background color (but now with brown for the hair).

Trying to provide helpful input and look forward to the final images.

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